NGCEF Board of Excellence


Name Country Subject Area Research web link
Prof. Ramón Cacabelos Spain Medicine  

Prof. Matteo Pirro Italy Medicinal Biosciences 

Prof. Maria Daglia Italy Food Chemistry 

Prof. Marcella Reale

Italy Toxicology and Pharmaceutics 

Prof. Jianbo Xiao 

China Chemistry 

Prof. Atanas G. Atanasov

Poland Molecular medicine 

Prof. Shafiqur Rahman

USA Neurpharmacology 

Ilaria Peluso (PhD)

Italy Health Sciences  

Prof. Erdogan Ekiz

The Hong Kong 


Cornelia Wilson (PhD) France

Prof. M.A. Kamal Australia Enzymoics

Fatima A Nasrallah (PhD)  Australia



Prof. Athanasios Alexiou Greece Biomedical Informatics   

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