All the details and procedures concerning the admissions processes will be announced officially after getting the registration of the Global Community University (GCU) under the auspices of the NGCEF


The Supervisor Faculty Members will announce the titles in the official webpage of NGCEF and the Ph.D. thesis must be completed in no fewer than three (3) and in no more than six (6) full academic years from the date of appointment of the three-member advisory committee. Candidates who fulfill the basic criteria of specific review and research publications will have the opportunity to defend their thesis in an online presence and be awarded the title of Doctor of Philosophy.


The General Admission Requirements

The GCU will accept Ph.D. candidates and will consider their applications regardless of their sex, race, national origin, color, or religion.

Applicants who wish to be admitted to Ph.D. programs must hold an MSc degree (or other equivalent titles). In exceptional cases, it is possible for a student to become admitted to a Ph.D. program without holding a Master's degree, by taking into consideration the overall previous undergraduate research and academic skills and performance or when the student has already participated in our pre-PhD preparation courses. In this case, the Faculty and the Advisory Committee have to legitimate and announce a documented decision for the candidate.


Applicants should initially submit:

  • A completed application form obtained from the GCU Admissions Office.
  • Certified copy/copies of statutory identification document/s such as passport, birth or marriage certificates, and recent photos
  • A Curriculum Vitae indicating the student’s education, academic and research experience, any publications, awards, etc.
  • A short statement of professional and research experience.
  • Two recommendation letters from former professors and/or immediate work supervisors attesting to the applicant’s intellectual and interpersonal capacity to undertake advanced studies.
  • Copies of publications, if any.
  • Certified copy/copies of university transcript(s) and/or degree certificate(s).
  • Copies of any other supporting material, such as exams, honors, awards, etc.
  • Certified copy/copies of English language competence.
  • Evidence of an acceptable level of computer literacy/skills.

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