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Welcome to the “Novel Global Community Educational Foundation” (NGCEF)

The core mission of NGCEF is to assist junior scholars in intellectually empowering them for PhD preparation and for cultural and fundraising activities for the establishment of Global Community University (GCU) in the near future. This university aims to initially provide worldwide PhD supervision/online programs (free of tuition fee) for financially constrained students living in Third World countries. In addition, we will try to provide scholarships, if funding is available so that students can study/research easily. Therefore, we will have a special quota of places for this category of students from Bachelor to PhD level, along with a normal tuition-based enrollment system similar to other universities.

NGCEF aims to promote numerous international cultural activities related to literacy, numeracy, spiro-poetromics, art, ethical designing models using audio or video recording and other media platforms, depending upon the strength of volunteers and available resources.

NGCEF will also tailor its program to meet the cultural needs of various communities such as Pakistanis, Indians, Fijians, Arabs and the indigenous population etc. through collaboration with existing community agencies and moveable cultural heritage, here in Australia as well as in other countries whenever feasible.

Novel Global Community Educational Foundation (NGCEF) is registered in Australia on ABR and NSW Fair Trading systems. We have already initiated contacts with various Government authorities inside Australia and on a worldwide level for the registration and recognition of the Global Community University (GCU).

However, at the moment we have two main deficiencies:

  • Lack of funding to pay the registration fee to the Government authority to register a new university; and
  • No staff or volunteers experienced in the academic business administration to prepare the application for the registration process (which we are hoping will take place in two years’ time). 

Therefore, we are looking for sincere investors, partners, active co-founders, academics in each discipline and capable volunteers to move forward in our Global Community Educational Mission. Persons or parties who are interested can contact us at the email addresses, referred in the 'NGCEF Administration' menu of this website.


The idea of GCU/NGCEF based on the dream of its Founder, Prof. Mohammad Amjad Kamal, who saw Jesus in his dream in ~2002 and in ~2003 his vision conveyed him to develop the cohesiveness and unity of global humanity for his welcoming arrival.


On the 26th November 2016, at the hackathon event, organized by Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) Western Sydney (The Collaboratory, Parramatta), created the following promotional website for NGCEF: https://sites.google.com/view/global-education-foundation/

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