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the betterment of humanity

and education without barriers”

Novel Global Community Educational Foundation is a non-for-profit organization that assists junior scholars in intellectually empowering them for Ph.D. preparation and for the establishment of Global Community University (GCU) in the near future. GCU aims to initially provide worldwide Ph.D. supervision/online programs for financially constrained students. In addition, NGCEF promotes activities that may provide scholarships to students that are willing to continue their studies/research and also promotes international cultural activities. NGCEF will also tailor its program to meet the cultural needs of various communities, such as Pakistanis, Indians, and Arabs, through collaboration with existing community agencies in Australia and in other countries whenever feasible. 

Novel Global Community Educational Foundation is registered in Australia on ABR (ABN: 94298174882/12-2-2016) and NSW Fair Trading systems since 2016. 

Until now, more than 190 well-known distinguished scientists, professionals, research associates, and young researchers from over 37 countries serve on an honorary basis in 2 Faculties (Faculty of Science and Faculty of Social Sciences and Arts) and 4 Departments (Department of Health Sciences, Department of Science and Engineering, Department of Management and Business Administration and Department of Social Studies and Arts respectively and with several specializations each Department). 

These Faculties Members have another primary affiliation, or they serve as independent researchers in NGCEF global scientific network.

The core mission of NGCEF/GCU is the betterment of humanity and education without barriers, and its spark of creation was based on the dream of its Founder, Professor Mohammad Amjad Kamal, who saw Jesus in his dream in ~2002 and in ~2003 his vision conveyed him to develop the cohesiveness and unity of global humanity for his welcoming arrival.


Current news! 

Idlib University and Novel Global Community Educational Foundation (NGCEF) have just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on academic and scientific initiatives. The signing ceremony was held virtually on the 26th of April, 2023, with the senior management of both parties in attendance. The MoU covers a range of initiatives, including joint studies by academic, technical, and administrative staff, exchange of materials in education and research, publications, and academic information. Idlib University and NGCEF will also work together to organize conferences, seminars, and other academic meetings, as well as joint development programs that can be delivered online. NGCEF is a non-profit foundation (a network of scientists) based in Australia which supports scientific research and academic activities and assists junior scholars by empowering them for Ph.D. preparation. Idlib University, on the other hand, is a non-profit institution of higher education located in northern Syria. The signing of this MoU is a significant milestone for both parties as they aim to enhance their members' academic and research capabilities and deepen their engagement with the global academic communities. This MoU is aligned with the primary mission of the NGCEF "for the betterment of humanity with an education without barriers."


Coronavirus disease

While COVID-19 is an emerging and rapidly evolving situation, the NGCEF members participate in their research works against this pandemic. Please find more details on our publications in the separate menu of our website Covid-19. Also, this is a Call from the NGCEF Founder to all-volunteer scientists for a collective fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19) for the safety of global humanity: Approach towards the discovery of medicine and vaccine alongside spiritual remedies! We strongly encourage and support all efforts against Coronavirus! Therefore, we also support the #Students_Against_COVID and their mission on spreading awareness about COVID-19!


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