1) Offer non-paid (free of cost) internship programs at the moment and have the intention to provide scholarships in the future, based on our funding and our capability to support Honorary Research Associates. We already started internship program in the field of biological sciences and will also initiate in other fields as well once have honorary faculty members to promote literature, a performing art, a visual art, a craft, design, film, video, television, radio, community arts and arts of Indigenous persons/movable cultural heritage etc.                                                     

2) The NGCEF future funding will support our goal to educate the local youth for organizing conferences in their region.

3) Moreover, we will provide them training in writing reviews and books to gain publishing skills. Thus through this way, it empowers them in editing services in order to explore their skills on a global level.

4) Secondary missions of NGCEF are following via introducing short courses and workshops:

  • To educate the public about the humanity as well as environmental care and sustainable lifestyle awareness from personal to local hygiene level.
  • Promoting reconciliation, mutual respect and tolerance between different cultural background groups of individuals that are living in Australia and worldwide.
  • To advance social / public welfare in case of any an emergency, traumatized individuals, homeless people and lonely elderly population in their residence to some extent (this will depend upon our strength of volunteers and funding to cover public transport costs).

5) To take care of our planet by research efforts of our ‘Green & Sustainable Global Environmental Chemistry Team’ to utilize Agro-waste into fruitful resources. GSGECT; https://www.facebook.com/groups/1733596613545453/ 

6) To raise funding for paying the registration fee of TEQSA to register GCU. Each donation should be credited in the bank account of NGCEF and a proper record of income and expenditure should be kept. 

7) To establish global peace & unity via education and promotion of cohesive Art and cultural programs.  

8) To provide free information to young scientists regarding worldwide conferences, workshops, free webinar, and publications in different scientific journals, call for special issues, opportunities regarding jobs, awards, scholarships and fellowships and research information etc. as already providing via many links (http://www.ngcef.net/index.php/education/support).

9) To organize conferences and seminars worldwide in order to educate new medical doctors and scientists on new therapeutic techniques and advanced methods, for the management of diseases such as depression, osteoporosis, infections, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, human frailty, neurodegenerative disorders etc.

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