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Journal of Advanced Research (IF 6.99; Elsevier; original research as well as reviews)

Thematic series of “International Journal of Nanomedicines”

Topic: Role of Phenolic Nanocompounds in Inflammatory disorders: Current view and Future Aspects

Keywords: Phenolic compounds, inflammation, Pro-inflammatory mediators, Natural products, Nanomedicines

Title page information deadline in the email by subject heading, “IJNanom” : 5th Feb 2021

Manuscript submission deadline: 1st June 2021

There is no code associated with the papers – experts in the nano field may submit their manuscript at the following link:

Recent Advances of Evidence-Based Neuropsychology

Frontiers in Psychology (Neuropsychology Section)

Cytokine Storm and Amyloid Pathology Including Viral Infection in Neurological Infections

Biomedical informatics in neuroscience

Section: Brain disorders

Journal of Integrative Neuroscience

Herbal drug targets for COVID-19, Type 2 Diabetes, and cancer(s) and possible linkage with each other

Phytomedicines, Current trends in natural products applications in the management of Lung Diseases, Rupesh K. Gautam, Shabana Bibi and Mohammad Amjad Kamal

Current Overview of implementing phytochemistry and nanotechnology for management of various health issues including COVID-19, Authors should select VSI: Viral infectious disease

Title of the Thematic Issue: Critical appraisals on Neuron-Glia interactions in

Neurological Disorders for the journal of “Current Neuropharmacology”

Special Issue for Current Medicinal Chemistry, Trends in computational approaches for anti-cancer research,

Medicinal Chemistry, "Insights on SARS-COVID-19 and its linkage with cancer using rational drug design: Bioactive compounds using computational approaches",

Linkage of COVID-19 and Neurodegenerative disorders, "CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets", BMS-CNSNDDT-2020-HT-13

Journal: Coronaviruses Current research updates on Coronavirus Outbreak: Overviews of its global impact and consequences, The thematic issue code is BMS-COVID-2020-HT-1, link for direct submission in the thematic issue:

Special issue in Current Medicinal Chemistry (IF ~4.2), Thematic issue proposal title: Targeting cellular signalling pathways in cancer by natural compounds, Manuscript submission deadline: 15th Oct 2020, BMS-CMC-2020-HT-36, [The contributors should be outstanding researchers (preferably with Scopus H-index 20)],

"Alzheimer Disease and Sleep Disorders; Insights into the Possible Disease Connections and the Potential Therapeutic Targets" for publication in "CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets", , Code of our special issue is BMS-CNSNDDT-2020-HT-12

Special Issue "How to Optimize the Use of Antibiotics in Human and Animal Health Care? – A Time to Act",

Research Topic proposal on 'Bioactive Compounds and Diabetes Mellitus: Prospects and Challenges' with Frontiers in Nutrition,

"Synopsis on Antimicrobials Challenges—From Dentistry to Environmental Visions",

SI title: GUT Microbiota and Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Journal: Pharmacological Research (IF 5.6), (VSI : Microbiota & Cardiovascular Pharmacology),

Viral disease and natural products, with a particular focus on COVID-19,

Current Pharmaceutical Design (CPD; IF 2.412), BMS-CPD-2020-HT-153

Manuscript submission deadline: 31 July 2020,

Stem Cell Transplantation Therapy in Neurological Disorders: Current Status and Future Directions for the journal of “Current Neuropharmacology, Submission link:,


Special Issue on ‘Overviews on Current Stem Cells Research for Neurological Therapy’ in Current Stem Cell Research & Therapy, Code for submission: BSP-CSCRT-2017-HT39

Special Issue on "From Oxidative Stress to Ageing via Lifestyle, Nutraceuticals, Polypharmacy and Neuro-Psychological Factors" in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity

Special Issue on "Nonpharmacologic Interventions in Prevention and Treatment of Hypertension" in International Journal of Hypertension 

Research Topic on The Alzheimer's Disease Challenge for Frontiers in Neuroscience, section Neurodegeneration

Seminars in Cancer Biology (SCB); Title of the Special Issue: Current Vision on Target Enzymes for Cancer Therapy

Research Topic of Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience: Neuroscientific Research for Management of Dementia

Metabolic & Immune Disorders - Drug Targets dedicated on Current Vision of Systemic Autoimmune Diseases - From Diagnosis to Management

Current Drug Metabolism (CDM), dedicated on Nanomedicines in cancer therapy: Advances and challenges Guest Editor(s): Sohail Akhter, Ziyaur Rahman, Mohammad A. Kamal, Ponnurengam M. Sivakumar)

Current Drug Metabolism (CDM), dedicated on Frontier research view on drug discoveries for different diseases, use this code at the time of submission: BSP-CDM-2016-HT8

CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets SI-6 (CNSND-DT) dedicated on Association of CNS disorders with other health issues; ­Reference code for submission online: BSP-CDTCNSND-2015-HT27

Current Aging Science dedicated on Current updates on understanding the purpose and mechanism of Aging, Code of our thematic issue: BSP-CAS-2014-HT2

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