Divisions - Schools - Faculty Departments


NGCEF members are collaborating regularly and serve in multiple divisions and departments in honorary base, as follows:

1. Faculty Members: As acting Mentors for the Research Associates enrolled in the one-year foundation training program (FTP) / internship for academic writing.

 2. NGCEF Governance: Co-Founders involved in policy making and implementation of executive matters.

 3. Board of Excellence: Experts which are involved in policy making/executive level decision making matters.

 4. Students Council: A global Network of professionals and Researchers advertising the humanitarian idea of NGCEF.

 5. Honorary Global Chaplaincy Committee: A multidisciplinary Committee focused to establish global humanity cohesiveness via offering an honorary sincere informal Chaplaincy spirit and positive energy upon any kind of opportunity.

  6. Honorary Research Committee: Distinguished Researchers who give recommendation for new research projects and monitor/approve in vivo research proposals.


 7. Artistomics: NGCEF has established the innovative Artistomics unit with international recognized Artists and BioArtists for the promotion of Art with Science interaction, for catalyzing the global humanity via ethics and philosophical enquiry.


Novel Global Community Educational Foundation's educational structure, consists of two Academic Schools which are divided into more specialized by subject Faculty Departments as follow


Schools Departments
  • Biomedical & Health Sciences
  • Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Fine & Applied Arts
  • Education & Social Sciences

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