Novel Global Community Educational Foundation (NGCEF) is officially registered in Australia and is committed to intellectual exchange and global unity among humanity. Its first project concern the establishment of Global Community University (GCU), dedicated to high-quality PhD online studies. 

Faculty members are selected upon their qualifications but are expected to serve in honorary basis the purposes of our Foundation in order to provide on voluntarily basis (no paid work) higher educational services globally and especially benefit students from developing countries to acquire PhD studies. The successful candidates will supervise PhD students for three or four years, design guidelines for research publications in journals with high impact, offer Pre-PhD studies or graduate teaching and probably will be asked to participate at Administrative Committees.


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Prof. Kuo-Chen Chou 


Biology, Biochemistry, Computer Science

(Biophysics, Bioinformatics)

Highly Cited Researcher in the World 
Professor Dr. Kuo-Chen Chou has been continuously for 5 years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018) selected by Clarivate Analytics as Highly Cited Researcher. In 2017, he has been further selected by Web of Science and Clarivate Analytics as one of the 21 world Brightest Stars in science.


 Tania de Jong AM




(Innovation; Arts)

Cameron Price



Management Consulting

Improving the impact of programs, policies, social innovation and social enterprise

Prof. Marcella Reale (PhD)



(Microbiology Neuroscience, Biochemistry)

Prof. Jianbo Xiao (PhD)




(polyphenol, phytomedicine, metabolites)

Prof. Atanas G. Atanasov

(PhD, Habilitation)



Molecular Medicine

(Nutrigenomics, Bioactive molecules)

Prof. Shafiqur Rahman (PhD)





(Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Drug Addiction, Brain Disorders, Drug Discovery)

Ilaria Peluso (PhD, Researcher)



Health Sciences

(human nutrition, biomarkers, functional foods, nutraceuticals, pharma-nutrition, immuno-nutrition, oxidative stress)

Prof. Faiz Ul Hassan Nasim (PhD)




(Genetics, Molecular Biology)

 Prof. Anil K. Sharma (PhD)



(Molecular Biology, 

Microbial Immunology,

 Nanobiotechnology, Tuberculosis,


Prof. Ioannis Haranas (PhD)



Astrophysics and Space Science

 Mars dust storms and dust, gravity and biomedical physics, gravitational biology

 Prof. Ioannis Gkigkitzis (PhD)



Mathematical Biology, Neurobiology and Mathematical Physics

Signaling pathways, Network Dynamics, Image analysis methods, Cancer Treatment Modalities, Differential Geometry 

  Prof. Omiros Ragos (PhD)




(Computational methods in dynamical systems, Numerical solution of non-linear and differential equations and systems. 

Associate Prof. Ina Yosifova Anevs (PhD)




Medicinal plants


(Phytochemical compounds, pharmacological activities, sustainable use)

Laureate of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Young Scientists awards, 2016

Pythagoras Award for Young Scientist, 2020


Stefano Persano (PhD, PostDoc)




(Cancer, Immunotherapy, Vaccine, Non-viral vectors, drug and gene delivery)

Basma El Zein (PhD, Research Scientist, Dean of Scientific Research & Graduate Studies)

(Saudi Arabia)


(Energy conversion and storage, solar cells, quantum dots, nano wires)

 Cornelia Wilson (PhD, Researcher)




 Prof. Mohammad A. Kamal (PhD, PostDoc)



(Biochemistry, Neuroscience,


Toxicology, Metabolomics,


Manual lymph Drainage & miRNA)

 Prof. Athanasios Alexiou (PhD, PostDoc)


 Biomedical Informatics

(Medical Decision Support Systems,

Neuroinformatics, Biomarkers

Modeling, Bioethics)



Prof. Georgios Zouganelis (PhD)

(United Kingdom)

Forensic Genetics

(Gravitational Biology, Molecular Bio Archaeology, Nanotechnology)

Dr. Anita E. Fofié

(MD, MSc, BSc, BA)


Cosmetic Dermatology


 (Immunodermatology, Dermatologic Surgery)

Associate Prof. Atif Amin Baig(PhD)



Molecular Biology

(Genetics and Biotechnology)

Assistant Prof. Lester Dominguez (MD, MPM, PhD)




(Physiology, Cancer , Neuroscience, Respiratory, Rheumatology, Infectology)

 Prof. Ibrahiem El Emary (PhD)


(Saudi Arabia)

Computer sciences


Associate Prof. Ghous Bakhsh Narejo (PhD)


Electrical Engineering


(Renewable Energy, IC Design, Image Processing)

 Ganji Purnachandra Nagaraju

(PhD, Researcher)





(Oncology; Reproductive Biology)

Prof. Haroon Khan (PhD) 




(Pharmacology, Phytochemistry)

Prof. Md. Moklesur Rahman Sarker (PhD, PostDoc)




(Antidiabetic,  Immunomodulation, Lipid lowering, Anticancer, Nutraceuticals, Prophetic medicines, Antimicrobial resistance)

Assistant Prof. Syed Sameer (PhD)


(Saudi Arabia)


(Genetics, Colorectal, Population) 

Associate Prof. Ghulam Md Ashraf (PhD)


(Saudi Arabia)


(proteomics, neurology, cancer, nanotechnology)

Associate Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Daim(PhD)



Biomedical & Health Sciences

(Pharmacology, Toxicology, Alternative Medicine)



Assistant Prof. Mohammad Azam Ansari (PhD)



(MDR, Clinical Bacteriology and mycology, Microbial Biofilm, Nanomedicine/ Nanotoxicology and Nanobiotechnology, Toxicological studies in animal models, In vivo assay on experimental animals)

Assistant Prof. Andleeb Khan (PhD)

(Saudi Arabia)


(Neurodegeneration, Alzheimer's disease, Natural products, phytochemicals)

Associate Prof. Shahanavaj Khan (PhD)



Cancer  Biology 

(Bacterial Protein targeting in host, and their role in growth and development of   various  diseases  including cancer, Health Bioinformatics)

 Vijai Kumar Gupta (PhD, Senior Research Scientist)





(Biochemistry, Environmental Sciences)

Jabir Nasimudeen R (Lecturer, PhD)


(India/Saudi Arabia)

Medical Biochemistry


(Molecular Biochemistry, Immunology)

Ramasamy Rajesh Kumar (PhD, PostDoc, Senior Researcher)




Molecular Microbial Biotechnology 

(Microbiology, Metagenomics, Functional Genomics, Bioremediation, NanoBioconjugates, Nuclear Agricultural Sciences)


  • International Journal of Environmental Pollution and Control Research (ISSN 2454 7573)
  • Journal of Environmental and Applied Bioresearch (ISSN 2319 8745)
  • International Journal of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ISSN 2454 7557)
  • International Journal of Recent Advances in Biotechnology (ISSN 2454 7565)

 Kannan RR Rengasamy (PhD, PostDoc Researcher)




(Enzyme inhibitors, Natural Product, Pharmacology, Functional Foods)


Assistant Prof. Wael Mohamed (MD, PhD)




(Genetics, Pharmacology,


Research Prof. Mohd Hassan Baig (PhD)



 Drug Designing

Assistant Prof. Ganji. Seeta Rama Raju  (PhD)


(South Korea)



(Biomedical, solid state lighting and energy harvesting applications)

Assistant Prof. Syed Mohd. Danish Rizvi (PhD)


(Saudi Arabia)


(Neuroscience, Nanotechnology, Microbiology, Enzyme kinetics) 

Assistant Prof. Syed Ali Fazal (PhD)


Business Administration


(Sustainability, technology transfer, strategic management)

Dr. Tanima Bhattacharya (PhD)




(Food science, clinical dietetics and health care, applications of nanotechnology in food, agriculture and pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, biopolymers in biomedical applications

Assistant Prof. Muhammad Ajmal Shah (PhD)



Pharmaceutical Sciences

(Green extraction and enrichment of bioactive natural compounds and their bioevaluation for aging associated and metabolic disorders) 

Assistant Prof. Rajeev K Singla (PhD)




(Computational, Phytochemistry,  metabolic disorders & infectious diseases) 

Hamidullah Khan (PhD, PostDoc Researcher)



Cancer Biology

(Tumor immune interaction, Tumor heterogeneity, Dormant tumor cells, cancer relapse and therapeutic interventions)

Research Prof. Majid Rasool Kamli (PhD)


(Republic of Korea)

Molecular Biology

(Myogenesis,  Neurodegenerative diseases, Cancer) 

Nitesh Kumar Poddar (PhD) 



Protein Chemistry

(Biophysics, Biochemistry and Enzymology)

Md. Torequl Islam (PhD, Perm. Faculty)


(Bangladesh & Vietnam)


Pharmaceutical Sciences


(Drug Discovery & Development, Toxicogenetics, Antioxidants, Pharmacological Screenings)


 Sita Kumari Karanam (PhD)




(Pharmacy, Biochemistry)

Assistant Prof. Salman Akhtar (PhD)




(Bioinformatics, Molecular Modeling,

Cancer Informatics, Drug Designing approaches)

Assistant Prof. Anupam Dhasmana (PhD)



Toxicology, Nanoparticles

& Bioinformatics

Hasseb Ahmeed (MBBS)





Hamidreza Mahboobi (MD, Electronic Physician)



Medical Research

(Cardiology, Neurology, Psychiatry)

Assistant Prof. Qazi Mohammad Sajid Jamal (PhD)


(Saudi Arabia)


(Molecular Structural Biology, Onco-informatics, Drug target analysis)

Assistant Prof. Sadaf Jahan (PhD)




(Biotechnology, Toxicology, Neuroscience, Stem Cell Research, Molecular Biology, Pharmacokinetic study)

Veerendra Koppolu (PhD, Researcher)




Prof. Abdul Ilah (PhD)



Plant biotechnology

Assistant Prof. Hatira Gunerhan (PhD)



Applied Mathematics

Guest Prof. Abrar Ahmad (PhD) 





(Molecular Biology, Biotechnology,

Microbiology, Cell Biology)

Islam Husain (PhD)



Biological Science

Associate Prof. Sahibzada Shakir Rehman (PhD)




(Material Physics, Chemistry, Ceramics, Spark Plasma Sintering)

Omar Akram (PhD, Researcher)



Medical Research

Nagedra Sastry Yarla

(PhD, Researcher)  


Cancer Biology, Neuroscience, Med Chem

Assistant Prof. Talib Hussain (PhD)


(Saudi Arabia)

Pharmacology and Immunomodulatromics

Assistant Prof. Ghulam Mustafa Kamal  (PhD)



Analytical Chemistry

(metabolomics, food chemistry, NMR spectroscopy)

Fazal Khan (PhD, PostDoc Researcher)




Associate Prof. Girish Kumar Gupta (PhD)




(Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Molecular Modelling, QSAR studies, Medicinal Chemistry)

Assistant Prof. Mohd Saeed (PhD)


(Saudi Arabia)

Medical Research

(Microbiology, Immunology)

Assistant Prof. Annu (PhD)



Material Science and Polymer Science 

(Nanotechnology, Biodegradable polymers)

Kamalesh Singh Mahar (Researcher, PhD, FSAB, FIAT, FAPT, FBS)





(Molecular Marker, Molecular Systematics, Genetic Diversity, Plant Biotechnology, Conservation Biology)

Ahmad Ali (PhD)




(Molecular Biology)

 Alma Griselda Ramírez Reyes (PhD)


Pediatric; Neurosurgery;

Neurooncology; Craniofacial Surgery

Assistant Prof. Sevgi Gezici (PhD) 



Molecular Biology & Genetics

Associate Prof. Kashif Iqbal (PhD)




(Leishmaniasis, Natural Product Chemistry, Cytotoxic activity of compounds)

Lecturer Muhammad Saad Khan (PhD)



Computational Biology, Molecular Biology, Cancer Biology and Bioinformatics

Abdul Wakeel Umar 

(PhD, PostDoc Researcher)




(Genetic Engineering, ECO-physiology, Molecular Biology)

E. Pavitra (PhD, PostDoc Researcher)


(South Korea)

Biological Engineering

(Optoelectronics, solid-state lighting, biomedical applications)

Md. Sohanur Rahman (PhD, Researcher)



Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

(AD, Phytochemistry, Diabetes Mellitus, RNA)

Waseem Mohammed Abdul

(M.Sc, B.Ed, PhD)




(Microbiology, Cancer biology, Genomics, Natural Product, NGS data analysis)

Rukhsana Anjum 






(Molecular Pharmacology and Pathology)

Jigarkumar Suthar 




(Cancer Research, Molecular Biology)

Shabana Bibi (PhD, PostDoc Researcher)




(Computational Biology; Transcriptomics; Computational Genomics)

Syed Shoeb Iqbal Razvi (PhD, Research Scholar)



 Cancer Biology

(Drug discovery; therapeutics; epigenetics)

Prof. Yasmin Sultana (PhD)




 (Biophearmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, Quality Assurance)

 Zahid Noor (PhD)



 Vaccine Designing

(Chemistry, Clinical research,


Muqtadir Baig Mirza (PhD, Reseacrh Scholar)



Cancer Biology

(Holistic Medicine;

Molecular biology)

Shahzad Khan (PhD)


Pathophysiology, Cardiology, Surgery 

Abida Batool (PhD, Researcher)




Huma Naz (PhD, Researcher)


Agriculture Sciences

(Plant Protection; Microbiology; Bacteriology)

 Warda Kamal



 Forensic Sciences, Clinical genomics

Assistant Prof. Md Nur Alam




Biomedical Science

(Pharmacological screening of

natural products)

Shahbaaz, Mohd

(PhD; EINY) 


(South Africa)


(Molecular Dynamics, Computational Chemistry)

 Nousheen Bibi (PhD)




(Genomics and Proteomics)

Mohsina F. Patwekar (M.Pharm)



Pharmacology and Toxicology


Open Call for Honorary Faculty Members


The Novel Global Community Educational Foundation (NGCEF) invites applications for honorary faculty positions at all ranks, in all areas as well as cross-disciplinary areas such as:

  • Biomedical & Health Sciences
  • Engineering and Applied Sciences 
  • Fine & Applied Arts
  • Education & Social Sciences

In its first phase, our Campus is virtual and all the corresponding activities will be held through online portals. The working language is English. Candidates, who are interesting to get involved in this highly humanistic project and promote numerous scientific and cultural activities as well, are encouraged to apply. Please note, NGCEF values diversity and is committed to equality.

All the submitted documents for the application will be forwarded to the following email account: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

  • A cover letter including personal data, passport size color photo, disciplines that represent the research interests (you can choose one or more disciplines by entering several keywords, which best describe your research interests), degrees with all the details of the official titles, significant positions, teaching and research statements covering your past, present and future research and information for two potential referees/advisers/recommenders.
  • Your Curriculum Vitae with your publication list. Please highlight your top publications.

You will receive an email from NGCEF, informing you that your application has formally been accepted. The call for Honorary Faculty Members is open.

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